Sports Performance Technology


What we do

What we do

Our vision is to help athletes perform better.

We will achieve this by making sports improvement technologies easily available to athletes through innovative software and sensor solutions.

Our core product is a user-friendly software application that offers a wide range of video analysis tools combined with various sensor integrations to help coaches and athletes perform better and improve faster. The goal is to make data and information previously restricted to university and sport laboratories available to teams, coaches and athletes when and where they practice their sports.

Simply put; we offer an all-in-one solution for sports analysis and improvement.

Our brands

Swing Catalyst offers a comprehensive and powerful video analysis software that has been praised by golf and baseball coaches around the world for its user-friendliness.

With our Swing Catalyst Sensor plates and integration with other hardware such as launch monitors, you get the full range of data available in the industry synchronized with your video images.

Following the success of Swing Catalyst and its improvements for golf and baseball, the idea of Motion Catalyst was born, aiming to take the same platform and apply our technology to other sports.

Motion Catalyst will be the all-in-one analysis and improvement solution for sports.

Currently under development and in pilot testing.

Who we are

Initial Force is a sports performance technology company that was started in 2006 as a spin-out from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.  

The People

Our HQ is located in Trondheim (Norway), and we also have offices in the US.

Tom C. Lindvåg

Sherlyn Chan

Hans Gunleiksrud

Carl C. Hansen

Sofie Nygaard
HR & Administration

Vegard Samdahl
Sales Manager, MC

Seath Lauer
US Sales Manager

Shakera Saifuddin
Staff Accountant

Drew Cooper
Sales Agent

Øystein Krog

Dr. Scott Lynn, PhD
Director of Education
and Research

Stian Eklund
Head of Support
Junior Developer

Travis Keller
Support, US

Kjell Ringstad
Product Researcher

Adrian S. Stadsøy
UX Designer

Clare MacNaughton
Digital Marketing

Frida Sund
Digital Product

Nils Ivar Dyrnes

Marcus Guedes
Lead Developer,
Online Platforms

Leonardo Ferreira
Senior Developer

Sigve S. Skagen
Senior Developer

Nina Meedby
Junior Developer

Eduardo Manoel
Junior Developer

Olga Mykhailova
Head of QA

Daniel Groos, PhD
Head of AI

Data Engineer

Espen A. F. Ihlen
Research coordinator

Ehsan Mollazadeh
Video Producer

Tucker Nathans
Sales Representative

Jake Yanez
Customer Support

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Our Values

    • We are innovative.
    • We are honest and trustworthy.
    • We take ownership in everything we do.
    • We communicate in a clear and transparent way.
    • We strive to produce quality products and provide excellent service.
    • We push each other to be our best.

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